Digital Narrative Techniques

22 - 25 December 2016 | Kirkuk
Genre: Digital Journalism
Lecturer: Qais Qazaz
Language: Arabic

This four-day digital media workshop will take participants through the basic forms of digital narrative techniques employed by media houses, corporations, social media users and NGOs across the world. The workshop, led by veteran digital media trainer Qais Qazaz, will focus on promoting conflict-sensitive digital media usage in Iraq. Over four days, participants will be led through the basics of digital media theory while also learning about more than a dozen key softwares and platforms employed in the production of digital narratives.



Day 1 will focus on theory and the context and framework of digital media production. 

  • Fundamentals of Digital Literacy
  • Tools of social media
  • ‘Why We Post’
  • Strategies of online posting
  • Media in conflicts


Day 2 will introduce participants to several different important softwares. 


Day three will look at some of the inherent perils inherent in content production, before moving on to use of hash tags on Facebook and Twitter, YouTube and smartphone digital media production. 

  • Propaganda v. balanced journalism
  • Power of hash(#) tags
  • The YouTube revolution
  • Mobile Journalism


The final day of the workshop will look at gender-specific content, as well as issues of digital security. Participants will also be given personal advice to reframe their online portfolios. 

Women and Internet

Digital Security

E-mapping and data mapping

Online Self-marketing


Qais Qazaz has been conducting digital media trainings in Iraq and elsewhere for nearly ten years. He holds an MBA and has extensive experience in media, with a focus on digital media, petrochemicals, politics and business. Qais has worked for nearly a dozen major organizations in Iraq. Follow Qais on Twitter: @qais_qazaz