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Media Academy Iraq has partnered with Niqash, the Iraqi online news magazine, to offer a structured, skills-building mentorship program for younger, less senior journalists. features the stories and analyses of Iraqi correspondents from across the nation; from Mosul to Anbar, Basra to Karbala, Erbil, and Baghdad. Its multilingual content—published weekly to a global audience in English, Arabic, and Kurdish—is focused on the hot news of Iraqi politics, economics, culture, and society.

Working alongside experienced mentors in their own regions, journalists in the program will:

  • Learn fair and balanced reporting, information gathering, and writing techniques.
  • Apply those skills immediately in article writing for the magazine section of the Media Academy site.

Each month, select articles by mentorship program participants will be translated for publication in a feature section of Niqash.

Are you interested in joining the program as either a trainee or a mentor? Email Cathrin Schaer at for more information.

The mentorship program is realized in close cooperation with, the online portal for news on Iraqi politics, economics, culture, and society.